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Blue Carbon Society has joined the national dugong conservation plan

  • Blue Carbon Society has joined the national dugong conservation plan

With Thailand’s dugongs under increasing threat, the National Marine and Coastal Resources Policy and Planning Commission has set up a national conservation plan to protect them and their habitats. The plan will support research, build awareness, and promote participation in conservation.

Blue Carbon Society is honored to be appointed to help implement the plan. We will jointly drive measures to conserve dugongs and their habitats to achieve real results

The dugong is a protected species under CITES and its trade is strictly prohibited. Yet it is threatened by a dramatic decline in its numbers. Food sources such as seagrass are being destroyed by pollution and global change. Dugongs live in the Andaman Sea from Ranong to Satun and in the Gulf of Thailand. They are found mostly at ​​Ko Mook and Ko Libong Islands in Trang, where the national conservation plan aims to increase their population from 250 to 280 in three years.

Blue Carbon Society hopes to be a voice to help overcome the crisis. Better understanding and awareness can reduce population losses. Daily behaviors must change to end indirect pollution, protecting not only the dugong but all marine animals and ecosystems.

Be a part of conserving marine and coastal resources with Blue Carbon Society.

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