My Octopus Teacher

You never know when you’ll make a new friend. She might even be an octopus! In a true story that’s stranger than fiction, “My Octopus Teacher” tells how a filmmaker formed a close bond with an octopus, giving an exciting, unexpected perspective on marine life.
The documentary “My Octopus Teacher” was created by Craig Foster, a filmmaker who moved to a seaside home, near a kelp forest, after a personal crisis. He started free diving each day, which led him to encounter a young octopus, a meeting that transformed his perspective on life. The experience not only inspired him but has captivated the documentary’s viewers too.
Viewers have been riveted by the octopus’s adventures and moods. At times she is calm or playful, in other moments she must desperately flee sharks. Audiences have, unsurprisingly, become just as attached to the octopus as Craig Foster, who has brought us into the underwater world as never before. In the space of an hour on Netflix, we gain new insights into the struggle for survival. In the end, no one can live alone. All lives depend on others. Humans have to live in harmony with nature, defending and caring for the world and not destroying or poisoning it.
Information from: Netflix
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