Simple ways to reduece waste in your home

Garbage lurks in every corner of our homes. Over 1,400 types of waste can be found in each house, according to the Department of Environmental Quality. But disposing of trash is easier than you might think. Follow these methods to reduce waste and make the world cleaner, more beautiful, and more livable.

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1. Sort the trash every day.

Garbage separation is the first step in effective waste disposal:

- Biodegradable waste such as food and vegetable waste can be turned into fertilizer.

- Paper, plastic bottles, glass, scrap can be recycled.

- Plastic bags and straws go into general waste.

- Light bulbs, paint cans, pesticides are toxic or hazardous waste.

Sorting trash lets it pass through the correct process, without building up and damaging the environment. Households shouldn’t collect garbage but deal with it every day. 

2. Give waste value by recycling

Recycling lets plastic bottles, plastic bags, glass bottles, cans, and cartons provide benefits as new items, such as vases, plant pots, boxes. Recycling waste also protects the environment, cutting carbon dioxide emissions to reduce the greenhouse effect. Some waste can also be used as fuel, reducing energy imports another way.

3. Avoid disposable products.

Plastic bags are the world’s top waste issue, with 1 trillion discarded each year. Disposal by burning creates air pollution. Carrying a cloth bag has become very popular as an alternative. Single-use and disposable items like wipes create a sizeable waste problem as they can take over 100 years to decompose. So let’s stop using single-use products and help reduce global waste. 


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