Ooho! Edible water bubble to replace plastivcs bottles

A transparent jelly ball made from seaweed and about the size of a table tennis ball offers an innovative solution for reducing the use of plastic.

This “Ooho!” ball is the work of British startup "Skipping Rocks Lab". Developed over 3 years, the ball is designed to reduce waste and the impact of plastics. The team of researchers extracted material from brown seaweed to create a flexible transparent tissue that can be eaten without bad effects. Each ball, containing up to 150ml of water, is also 100% biodegradable within 4-6 weeks. This company has demonstrated the balls at races and major national conferences to gauge response and improve its product.

This new way to drink water could significantly reduce the use of plastic packaging and help keep plastic out of our seas too.

Credit: https://en.reset.org/.../ooho-will-these-edible-blobs...

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