Newly Dicovered Reef

In wonderful news for Thailand’s seas, Asst. Prof. Dr. Thon Thamrongnawasawat, a marine and environmental scientist, posted on Facebook that a new coral reef has been found at Koh Ngai covering 3,000 square meters in Mu Ko Lanta National Park.
The corals are mainly short branched. They are in over 10 large patches in 3 zones, A/B/C (as illustrated). Research including at high tide to see what creatures live there has found more than 20 species. The survey team also found more coral at Ko Por (Mu Ko Lanta National Park) and Koh Kradan (Hat Chao Mai National Park).
The survey team "Pak Klong Thai Life Project" led by Achan Thon worked with the Faculty of Fisheries at Kasetsart University, Sing Estate, and Koh Lanta National Park with cooperation from many sectors, including PTTEP, the National Park Service, and the Marine Resources Department to survey coral reefs in park areas.
While many coral reefs around the world are suffering from climate change and human activity, some reefs in Thailand are recovering. The lack of tourists means no boats are passing and causing sand sediment, letting coral grow.
Helping restore coral is a duty for all of us. Blue Carbon Society would like to encourage explorers like Achan Thon to continue their work and make more discoveries.
Credit: Asst. Prof. Dr. Thon Thamrongnawasawat [Facebook: Thon Thamrongnawasawat ], Pak Klong Thai Life Project

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